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Coronavirus: China confirms human-to-human transmission

Coronavirus cases are on the rise. An 89-year-old man in China has become the fourth person to die from a new strain of coronavirus....

Corona Virus/Wuhan Novel Corona Virus

This is a movie clip from the movie entitled "The Flu", this is youtube video is not to create a terror or to bring...

Coronavirus spread is ‘accelerating’ says China as death toll rises to 41

China's president has warned the spread of the deadly coronavirus is accelerating, as he convened a special meeting of Communist leaders. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) The...

What Is Coronavirus?

Health officials around the world are racing to gauge the danger posed by a new SARS-like virus that emerged in central China last month...

China Coronavirus: fears over the spread of deadly virus

At least seventeen people are now thought to have died and over 500 been infected by the coronavirus which was first identified in the...

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