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BerandaVideoExhale - Sabrina Carpenter | Piano Backing Track

Exhale – Sabrina Carpenter | Piano Backing Track

Piano backing track for Exhale by Sabrina Carpenter.


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Previous Video : https://youtu.be/VrS-tB3kxrM
Higher Key (A Major) : https://youtu.be/319nytlYlT8
Higher Key (C Major) : https://youtu.be/jGuOKUFPges

Hope you like my cover, this is such a beautiful song! I know I haven’t uploaded in a while, thank you for being so patient xox

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Key: G Major


C – D – Bm7 – C

(Em7 – C6) – at the end of verses & chorus.

– peachypiano #peachypiano

all content is my own.

Song originally by Sabrina Carpenter.


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